Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t simply a buzz phrase thrown around by those marketing types. It is arguably the most important marketing strategy around. Creating and distributing original and relevant content on a consistent basis is the key to gaining, retaining and entertaining customers.
When it comes to keeping your online presence fresh, relevant and ranking high on search engines…

Content Is King

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    Video is 53 times more likely to rank higher than pages that only present text based content.

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    When a picture paints a thousand words, then
    Google reads the <alt=””> tag.

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    Opt Ins, lists, forms, and emails to engage, entice, record and build long lasting relationships.

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    Menus, pages & searches. Inform your clients with the information they want.

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    News, features & great stories. Update your audience (and Google) – monthly, weekly, daily.

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    User generated

    Feedback, competitions, social media, call & response. Listen to your customers.

In a competitive world hungry for information, your story counts…Identity Inc.

Tell your story

Story telling has been and always will be an invaluable way of conveying experience, giving instruction and generating opinion. Human beings create deep and lasting connections with each other through the telling of their personal stories.
You’re the expert in your field. Let us help you share your passion with the world.

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